Turbo diamond grinding cup wheel for concrete and terrazzo

Bontai turbo diamond grinding cup wheels are specially designed with high-quality industrial diamonds for premium lifetime and surface finish.

This durable diamond cup wheel is built for grinding cured concrete, hard brick/block and hard granite. They also can be used for removal of thick coatings of epoxy, mastic, urethane & other membrane materials from concrete.


The common diameters we make are 4", 5", 7", but some customers also have special requirements on diameter, such as 4.5", 6", 10” etc, we also can customize as your request.

Diamond grits 6#~300# are available, the most common grits customers buy are 6#, 16#, 30#, 60#, 80#, 120#, 150# etc.

You also can choose the segment numbers according to your preference for the turbo cup wheels,  generally we weld 9 or 18 pcs segments for 4" and 5" turbo cup wheels, and weld 12 or 24 pcs segments for 7" turbo cup wheel. As we know, some customers care more on sharpness and prices, so they can choose less segments, some customers care more on lifespan, they can choose more segments.

4inch turbo
5inch turbo cup
Terrazzo grinding cup wheel

4" turbo cup wheel

5" turbo cup wheel

7" turbo cup wheel

Various bonds can be made to fit concrete floors of different hardness. For example, soft, medium, hard bond. We can design corresponding formular for your application.

Bontai diamond turbo grinding cup wheel comes in threaded 5/8″-11, M14 or non threaded style(22.23mm, 5/8"-7/8") allowing the cups to be used on multiple angle grinder or hand held grinder. The turbo cup wheels can be used either wet or dry during the grinding application process. Each wheel features a precision-balanced steel body, which reduces wobble and vibration for control over material removal and a smoother finish.

Our diamond grinding cup wheels are mainly sold to the high-end market, they are very popular in European, US and Australian market. We have got a lot of customers' recgnition and praise from all over the world.

Except turbo diamond cup wheel, we also have other models for your option.

diamond grinding cup wheel
diamond cup wheel
Grinding Wheel Disc

7" TGP cup wheel

5" double row cup wheel

5" L-seg cup wheel

5" arrow cup wheel

T shape diamond grinding cup wheel
grinding cup wheel for concrete
concrete diamond grinding cuo wheel
Grinding Cup Wheels

7" T-seg cup wheel

5" S-seg cup wheel

4" single row cup wheel

10" jagged seg cup wheel

If you are interested in, please leave us a inquiry, you can expect a response in 24 hours. Welcome to buy some samples to test and we hope build long term business relationship with you!

Post time: Jun-08-2021