Hybrid polishing pads-a perfect transition to resin pads

In the past, most people polish the floor with resin pads from 50#-3000# directly after the grinding steps by metal bond diamonds 30#-60#-120#, This takes a lot time and increases the labor cost to remove the scratches left by metal bond diamond pads, sometimes you need to polish several times to wipe off scrathes. As time goes, people have tighter and higher requirements on the floor polishing, also in order to save time and cost, transition polishing pads comes out gradually.

Bontai Diamond Tools Company offers a wide range of transitional diamond tools, hybrid diamond pads, ceramic bond polishing pads, copper bond polishing pads for fast grinding, smooth scratch patterns and long tool lifespan.

Bontai hybrid polishing pad is an excellent transitional diamond pad generally used between aggressive metal tooling and higher grit resin bond tools. These pads are incomparable in scratch removal caused by aggressive metal diamond grinding commonly used in the first few steps of the polishing process.

Bontai hybrid polishing pad is a matrix of superior abrasive diamonds bonded with a proprietary matrix of various metals and resins designed for extraordinary durability and amazing scratch removal performance. Our hybrid polishing pad is guaranteed To OUTPERFORM any transitional hybrid diamond tooling on the market.

Below are some models of newest developed hybrid polishing pucks. Diameter 3 inch suitable for mostly grinding machines in the market, 7mm diamond thickness floor polishing puck for very long service life, grits #30, 50, 100, 200 are available. They are high heat resistance and anti-water soluble, suitable for all kinds of flat concrete floor and terrazzo floor, dry use are recommended. The flower shape style design achieve a great grinding result.


Welcome to test our hybrid polishing pads, we will never let you down.

Post time: May-25-2021