Different types of concrete floor grinders

The selection of concrete grinder is dependent on the job to be executed and the type of material to be removed. Major classification of concrete grinders are:

  1. Hand Held Concrete Grinders
  2. Walk Behind Grinders

1. Hand-Held Concrete Grinders

A hand-held concrete grinder is used to grind concrete surfaces at the corners and tight areas. These are used in areas where walk- behind concrete grinders cannot be easily reached for grinding. The common sizes of hand-held concrete grinder we can see in the market are 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 7″, 9″ etc, they match different sizes diamond grinding cup wheels. The grinders also have various connection types, such as 5/8″-11, M14, M16 etc. The grinding process creates large amount of dust, so we need to  equip dust shroud with this grinder, and connect vaccum cleaner to the extraction hose of dust shroud.

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2. Walk Behind Concrete Grinders

A walk behind grinder is a large concrete grinder unit that helps to grind the concrete over the body of the floor.  Larger areas of concrete can be ground with these machines. Different models of walk-behind concrete grinders are present which are run either by electric, petrol or diesel.


They also can be classified according to the head numbers, the most common models we see in the market is single head grinder, dual-heads grinder, three heads grinders, four heads grinder etc.


Now some companies even have launched new design concrete grinders, which greatly help a lot on concrete grinding and polishing jobs and improve work efficiency. For example, ride-on concrete grinder and remote control concrete grinder.


There are many famous brands of floor grinders in the world, such as Husqvarna, HTC, Blastrac, Sase, Sti, Diamatic, Terrco, Lavina, Scanmaskin, Xingyi, ASL etc, they use different diamond grinding shoes, such as trapezoid grinding shoes, magnetic grinding shoes, redi lock grinding shoes, htc grinding shoes etc.



Post time: Apr-27-2021