Bontai Diamond grinding shoes order process

When many new customers first purchase diamond grinding shoes from Bontai, they would encounter a lot of problems, especially some customers with special specifications or requirements. When ordering products with the company, the communication time would be too long and the product ordering process would be different. In order to improve the situation, our company decided to clearly define the order process, especially for custom-made customers, to provide more convenient and efficient pre-sales services.


Information and data that need to be provided when you order diamond grinding shoes:

1. The machine model. There are various kinds of concrete floor grinding machines in the market, the famous and common brands such as Husqvarna, HTC, Lavina, Scanmaskin, Blastrac, Terrco, Diamatic, STI and so on. They have plates with various design, so they require different base of diamond grinding shoes to fit their own plates.

2. The segment shape. Bontai make various segment shapes to meet the different preferences of customers, for example, round, rectangle, arrow, hexagon, rhombus, oval, coffin shape etc. If you have special requirements, we also can open new model of segment shape for you. Generally we recommend round segments if you want to leave less scratches and grind more finely, if you would like to grind down deeply, open the face or expose aggregate, you can choose rectangle, arrow or rhombus segments.

3. Segment number. The common design is with one or two segments. When you use a light machine, you can use single segment grinding shoes, if you use a heavy floor grinder, you prefer double or more segments grinding shoes.

4. Grit. From 6#~300# are available for us, the most commonly ordered grits are 6#, 16#, 20#, 30#, 60#, 80#, 120#, 150#.

5. Bond. We make seven bonds(extremely soft, extra soft, soft, medium, hard, extra hard, extremely hard) to fit floors of different hardness. So that make its sharpness and life to achieve the best balance.

6. Color/Marking/Package. If you have any requirements, please inform us, or we will arrange as our routine operation.


Post time: Jun-01-2021