Bontai 3 step polishing pads save your time and cost to polish stones

In the past, as we know that in order to get a real shining finish, 7 step diamond polishing pads couldn’t be challenged. Then we started seeing 5 steps. Sometimes they worked on light materials. But for dark granites, we would get good results but still have to use a buff pad. So when the 3 step diamond polishing pads system  appeared on the market, many of us doubt:”what is this gimmick? The 3 step  polishing pads from Bontai aim to be a big step toward the coveted spot atop the polishing pad hill, which can truly help reduce the number of steps in the stone polishing sequence.
3 step

Bontai 3 steps polishing pads are available in size 3″, 4″, 5″, the thickness is 3mm, it contains high density of premium quality diamond and resin compunds, as well as some new materials, not worry about burning or staining on your stone surface. Wet use or dry use can be customized base on your request. It’s very flexible, can blend properly, that’s say there is no dead angle for it to polish. We recommend the rotating speed 1000~4500rpm. We use high quality nlon velcro on the back, enables to stick on the holder firmly without flying away under high speed working condition.

These 3 step polishing pads tout a high quality polish with a deep luster. To get that kind of result, the quality has to be high. Testing this 3 step system in fabrication shops has proven to stun fabricators that simply did not believe such a good polish achievable with a 3 step pad. Although a pad works well on a specific kind of stone, another important factor is that This 3 steps system polishing pad offers great results on a variety of materials, such as marble, granite, engineered stone and others.

These pads won’t be the lowest priced pads you find, but they are sure to save you more money and cost than other options.



Post time: May-19-2021